The children of today have grown up playing games on cell phones, tablets, computers and many other forms of media. The C2S program (code to success) uses something (gaming and robotics) that students have grown up doing as its focus while we teach them the fundamentals of coding.

The C2S curriculum was created with three goals in mind. First, to introduce the students of today to key computer science concepts. Next, to increase their interest in STEM and the arts. Last, but not by far least, to empower them to become industry leaders and innovators tomorrow.

The complete C2S program exists in two modules. The first module is the “Coding in theory” module, a 14 weeks course that focuses on introducing students to programming fundamentals through building and playing games. Module two is the “Coding in practice” module. This is a 14 weeks course that takes the fundamental skills the students gained in the first module and apply them to real world projects and applications. More specifically, in this module the students will enhance their coding skills by building and programming robots.